3 Steps to Data Recovery, NJ

Losing the data on your computer can be a devastating calamity. The pictures, documents, music, and memories over the years need to be taken care of and preserved. Luckily, if an unexpected problem causes your personal computer to crash, there are steps that can be taken to at least attempt some data recovery for all residents in NJ.


Try to first put the situation into perspective. Yes this could potentially be a very upsetting disruption, but life will go on! So many times we have things backed up in other locations we never even realized. Perhaps you have posted a lot of your pictures on Facebook, or saved a lot of your documents in Google Drive — something you can access from virtually any computer. Despite there being some positives to remember in a time like this, there are going to be some things that you just cannot afford to lose.

We all have varying levels of technology knowledge, but for those of us lacking a bit in this department, don’t hesitate to immediately call a professional. It’s no use potentially making the problem worse when you’re unsure of what troubleshooting methods to take.


If you want to take a stab at solving the problem yourself, keep in mind the precautions to take in case a professional does need to be called. One of these precautions includes writing down any error messages you see on the screen immediately after your computer crashes. These messages may not mean much to you, but could be great clues to the computer professionals who help you out later down the line. In fact knowing these messages may allow your tech specialist to reassure you that this problem is even more common than you thought!

The next step to take if you’re looking to diagnose the problem on your own is to restart your computer and assess whether anything you were just working on is still on the screen. Microsoft Word offers a side panel of recently saved documents that could have possibly saved the latest version of your document for you. In the case that your computer does not start, the tears and the sweat building up on your brow are a bit more warranted. As a last ditch effort try clicking on “Using Last Known Good Configuration” to attempt to return to a time with your computer when it was working properly.

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When you’ve reached full panic mode and all your initial efforts have failed, let the professionals take over. If your computer has crashed, but the hard drive has not failed you are likely to be in luck. You may lose some data that was being written as the computer crashed, but you are likely not to lose all the contents that have ever been imprinted onto your computer. As the professionals are likely to inform you, it takes a lot for a hard drive to fail– this would usually be caused by some outside force like a power surge or electrical issue within your home or business. Regardless, the data recovery process can often take days, so be prepared to be without your computer for a little bit when you hand it over to the computer specialists.


The specialists will do what they can to recover your data using any number of software tools. They also may try to reinstall your hard drive as an external drive, so that nothing is overwritten that was previously on your personal computer.

It can be a stressful process, but remember that there are countless people ready to help you at any point you have computer issues. This isn’t something that has to be dealt with alone. Here at BayCSS, we specialize in NJ data recovery, to help you recover vital information and avoid unnecessary fees. Contact us today for any questions, concerns, or appointments .


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