4 Reasons to Hire a Managed Service Provider for IT

Businesses are integrating more technology into their daily operations than ever before. From small local companies all the way up to major corporations, people rely on technology to function the way it’s supposed to. Everyone is equally inconvenienced when things go haywire. The difference is that a major corporation will often have IT experts on staff to address the problem. For many small-to-medium sized companies, this isn’t always an option. That’s why so many of these businesses are turning to a managed service provider for their IT solutions.

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What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

In the world of IT, a managed service provider is responsible for the management and support of the various IT systems of the companies that hire them. Rather than turning to the token “tech guy” to address various IT problems within a company, an MSP can be hired on a per-project, month-to-month, or contract basis. MSP’s are emerging as the preferred way for smaller companies to manage their tech for a number of reasons.

They Offer On-Demand Support

If an IT issue suddenly pops up, a managed service provider can offer you immediate support. While a large corporation puts in a phone call to their IT department, you would call your MSP. They will be available to address any issues when you need them. You can get the experience and skill of an entire IT department with a simple phone call.

Technology changes fast, and it can be hard for one person to keep up with all the news and updates. Even the IT experts have to work to keep up with it all; how is the average business owner supposed to compete? It’s the job of a managed service provider to stay current and up-to-date with all the latest tech, so you can be sure they’ll have the experience necessary to assist you.

Save Money and Resources

One of the biggest benefits of turning to a managed service provider is the fact that it saves you time, money, and resources. Not all companies are created equal, and many of them require different services. A lot of MSP’s offer packages that cover a set of services for one bundled monthly rate. In addition, many will let you choose to keep a long-term contract with them or use them on an “as needed” basis. However, you may miss out on the proactive management of your IT if you keep an MSP on retainer.

Often, the cost of using a managed service provider is preferred when considering the cost of salaries, benefits, and taxes required for on-staff IT support. Many smaller businesses simply can’t afford to sustain their own IT department.

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Get Proactive Management

Managed service providers aren’t only used to address problems that already exist. Many business owners are utilizing them because they provide full-service management of your tech. This means that they anticipate potential problems ahead of time. They monitor and improve how systems function to make sure your company stays on its feet round the clock.

Every business owner knows how frustrating it is when the network crashes or a website goes offline. The production in the office comes to a grinding halt. Even when the issue is eventually resolved, it’s hard for everyone to get back on track. By employing a managed service provider, you won’t have to worry about losing an entire day of production to IT glitches.

MSP Solutions with BayCCS

If looking into an MSP sounds like a good idea, BayCCS is here to help. We offer custom business IT solutions to keep you running at peak efficiency. Our experts can assist you, whether your business has one computer or a hundred. We also offer residential services. No matter if you’re looking for short-term or long-term services, contact us today and we can help.

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