4 Virus Myths in Laptop Repair in Toms River, NJ

Once of the most frightening moments for a laptop or computer owner is when the device has become infected with a virus. You may have tried to find the cure for your device on your own, but you come to the realization that you need laptop repair in Tom River, NJ.

As computer repair specialists in Ocean County, we’ve been asked many questions about viruses and laptops they infect. Over the years, it seems that most of our consumers have been tricked by a couple of virus myths. So we put together the most common virus myths and debunked them for you.

Myth 1: You won’t get a Virus with Virus Protection Software

It is smart to have virus protection software such as McAfee, Norton, and Bitdefender; but no program will completely protect your laptop. These programs are constantly learning viruses that are being detected on a daily basis, but it’s nearly impossible for a software application to predict a new undetected virus. In order for your virus protection program to be the most protective it can be, will be to keep your software up to date. Most software will allow the user to set automatic updates that will run during the non-peak hours of your usage. If you are unsure, check the settings of your protection software.

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Myth 2: Firewalls are 100% Effective

Viruses can be sneaky. They may hide themselves and appear as a regular computer application needing to be downloaded. As with most downloads, users typically don’t read thoroughly and will click “run” until the install has completed. You will need to pay attention. Failing to read the source’s name and origin of the download, you may be directly downloading the virus onto the computer. This will allow the virus to receive a free pass through your firewall regardless of the strict settings you have set. To prevent this kind of situation, take a look at the program needing to be installed. Before downloading always do the following…

-Check the name of the download.
-Scan the download with your virus protection software.

When checking the name of the download, you are checking to see if you have previously downloaded that particular program. Why would you have to download it again? If the download is unfamiliar do not install, and always run a virus scan with your software. Lack of caution may result in you needing laptop repair in Toms River, NJ.

Myth 3: A Virus Causes Physical Damage to Your Hardware

A virus can infect your hardware, but no physical damage will occur. Until you visit a laptop repair specialist in Ocean County, NJ; your hardware will continue to be ineffective. Depending on the virus, the laptop or computer will be completely unproductive until treated. Just remember, the virus can harm the functionality of hardware, but the virus will not lead to physical damage to the hardware.

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Myth 4: Macs Can’t Get Viruses

Sorry to break the bad news, but Macs can get a virus too. Typically PCs were the most targeted because of the abundance of users and it made more sense for hackers to attack the majority of users. As Mac users have become more common in the market, hackers have begun attacking Macs as well.

Now that you have become educated on the myths of the computer virus, spread the education. Any time you are need of computer or laptop repair in Toms River come see us at Bay Computer Consulting and Services. We offer much more than laptop repair on residential and business levels, as we are you go-to IT help.

We know that every repair and situation is different, but BayCCS is committed to giving you a fair and honest estimate. Contact us today to discuss your computing troubles and together we can decide the best course of action.

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