5 Signs You May Need Computer Repair

In today’s technology-driven world, owning a computer is almost a necessity for most people, whether because of school, work, or keeping in touch with far-flung family members and friends. You probably invested a decent amount of time researching which computer would be best for you, and likely a large chunk of money when it came down to the final purchase. You want to protect your investment, and you’d probably prefer not to have to buy a new computer every time there’s a problem. Luckily, there’s often some easily recognizable signs that you may need to put in a call to your local computer repair service before it’s too late.

5 Easy Tips to Avoid Computer Repair

Unnecessary Clutter  

Through the course of your computer’s lifespan, you’ll probably collect a lot of software and various types of files. Over time, many of these become outdated, unimportant, or otherwise unnecessary. If left untended, they sit inside your computer and clog up space, like bad cholesterol in your arteries. Hampered by a lot of obsolete files, your computer’s performance suffers. Thus, routine cleaning is encouraged.

Limited space on your computer means that it must work harder to execute your commands. This could leave it vulnerable to overheating, crashing, or problems with the battery. A computer repair service will be able to help alleviate any of these problems for you. They can uninstall any software you no longer use and will look through your files to delete those you don’t need or want. Stripping away useless excess will help your computer run more efficiently. 

Open Door to Viruses

Not too long ago we did an in-depth post on Antivirus Software. Think of your computer as a virtual wallet with all of your private and financial information stored inside of it. Inevitably, there will be a time where you encounter a virus or possible scam that wants access to that information.

Security suites can help keep your computer secure from a possible breach. If you don’t have any type of antivirus software, it’s like leaving the front door to your house wide open for anyone to come walking in. If you start to notice odd things on your computer, like strange emails, corrupted documents, endless pop-ups, or suspicious charges – you could be the victim of some type of computer virus or malware. In that instance, it’s definitely time for professional computer repair.

A Dirty Computer

This holds true especially for people using laptops or tablets. Usually, a desktop will never leave your desk unless it’s being taken in for repair. Laptops and tablets are designed with portability being their #1 feature, but this also makes them vulnerable to a significantly higher volume of dust, debris, and damage.

Dirt and grime can build up underneath your keyboard, which could produce key sticking or leave them completely unresponsive. Dust and debris collecting in your laptop’s internal fan could prevent cooling air from reaching the rest of its body, which increases the chance of overheating. If you’ve never taken your computer to be professionally cleaned, you notice high heat from your laptop, or your laptop’s fan is running louder and more frequently, you could be headed for trouble. Having your machine annually cleaned by a computer repair service will not only help keep your computer more hygienic but also will help prevent any of these problems.

Slow Performance

Does it take an eternity for your computer to start up or connect to the internet? Have you become accustomed to hitting the start button, leaving the room to brew a cup of coffee, and returning to find that your laptop is still loading the welcome screen?

For the most efficient performance, you need to be using the most current operating system available for your computer. The question of age comes into play when a computer starts running slow. Sluggish responses may be an indication of an out-of-date operating system. The websites you’re trying to access or commands you’re trying to execute are asking too much of your computer’s functionality. A computer repair service will ensure that you’re running the most current operating system available. Keeping your operating system up to date will make your computer continue to run smoothly, and keep it from showing its age.


5 Easy Tips to Avoid Computer Repair

Frequent Freezing or Crashing

If your computer struggles to make it through the day without freezing up or crashing while trying to execute commands, it could be time for computer repair. The problem could range from a number of different culprits, one of which being outdated or obsolete software.

Software can become problematic over time. The developers are always releasing new updates to improve their products, whether by making them perform more effectively, fixing bug issues, or streamlining the overall experience. Not only can outdated software cripple your computer’s performance, but it can also leave it vulnerable to exploitation.

Still Need Computer Repair In New Jersey

Looking for these 5 signs can help you notice when you’re in need of computer repair. By getting your computer serviced before the problem becomes severe, you can help extend your computer’s longevity and avoid having to buy a new laptop every few years. However, sometimes even the most careful computer owners find themselves in need of serious computer repair services. If you’re in New Jersey, Bay Computing and Consulting Services is here to help and has technicians standing by. Give us a call today!

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