Business IT Services – Protect Your Data in 6 Steps

In the digital age, businesses run on data. We store our entire workflow digitally, and it should be a high priority to protect that data. Business IT services have several strategies to keep your data safe through due diligence and regular maintenance. While you take care of business, IT services can take care of your data.

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Back Up Files

Backing up the files on your computer is the first step you must take to protect your data. Even more important is remembering to backup your data every day. If you backup your data less frequently, you could face a serious issue. Imagine losing an entire week’s worth of your company data. This could mean losing track of all sales that took place or all developments that were made that week. Business IT services take care of this for you by setting up a backup schedule so you don’t need to worry.

Check Backups

When it comes to your company’s data, simply making backups isn’t enough. Many business owners will set up a backup system but never check to make sure that it is functioning properly. A small error could throw off your backup schedule, or the files could become corrupt. This is why you need to regularly check that your data is successfully backed up and protected. Business IT services monitor your backups as regularly as they are scheduled to ensure everything is in working order.

Keep an Offsite Copy of All Backups

Even if all of your files are properly backed up, what good does it do if both drives get destroyed at the same time? Hurricanes, fires, floods, and other unplanned disasters can wipe out an entire business’ digital information. By keeping backups offsite, you can recover all of your business’ data and get back to normal operations quickly.

Update Virus Protection

We always see reminders to update our antivirus but many of us don’t realize just how important it is to stay up to date. Hackers are constantly finding new ways to spread viruses through spam, downloaded data, emails, and websites. It is their full-time job to get through anti-virus software, so anti-virus providers are constantly updating to stay ahead. If a virus infects your business’ digital infrastructure, it could slow down operations as well as hurt your reputation. No business wants to inadvertently spread a virus to their customers or clients. By hiring business IT services, you can rest assured that your antivirus software is always up to date and working to protect your data.

Set up a Firewall

No matter the size of your business, you are a target for hackers and viruses. Setting up a firewall adds an extra layer of defense to your network. Without a firewall, hackers could overload your hard drives, use your computing power, and cause your ISP to shut you down. Business IT services know how to set up a secure firewall to keep your data safe.

Update system Critical Security Patches

On top of updating antivirus software, business IT services will constantly update and critical security patches for your network. Without these updates, hackers could access your computer through a simple banner advertisement or an e-mail attachment. When a software vendor announces they have a new patch, hackers look at the vulnerability that was fixed and attack any computer who has yet to make the update. This is why you need someone to stay on top of updates and immediately take action when one is released.

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Expert Business IT Services

As you can see, protecting a business’ data is no simple task. Between all of the updates, backups, and maintenance, staying secure is often too much for a business order to handle on top of their normal workload. This is where business IT services come into the picture. Bay Computing and Consulting Services  was founded with the simple goal of providing the best service and support for our customers.

Our vast array of services include everything from commercial computer networking down to residential computer repairs. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff has the knowledge and expertise to help you solve any computing issues in a quick and effective manner. To secure your business’ data, contact us today.

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