IT Contractor Recommendation: Laptops or Desktops for your Business

In the digital age, having computers is a necessity for almost every type of business. One of the first decisions you have to make when opening a business is whether to buy desktop or laptop computers. Each option has benefits and inconveniences, so you need to determine what is best based on your particular business. An IT contractor will use the following guidelines to analyze your business and determine which option is right for you.

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The first thing an IT contractor will consider is how necessary computer portability is to your business. Laptops are obviously more portable than desktop computers, but recently desktops have become easier to transport. all-in-one desktops that are easy to take from room to room, but not portable enough to bring home over the day. For businesses that require constant travel and check its, laptops are probably the way to go. If not, there are other factors to consider before making a decision.


An IT contractor will also go over how much processing power is required for your business. When you have high-end laptops and desktops at similar prices, the desktops are going to be the more powerful machines. If your business only uses computers for email and word processing, a laptop will suffice. However, if your business uses powerful programs, you will need the extra processing power of a desktop.


Although security is always important, some businesses require higher standards than others. For example, a financial services business probably needs have tighter security than a photography studio. With laptops, employees will be leaving the office with valuable information from your business, opening up various security risks. If you use laptops for your business, you will need to establish employee security guidelines. Also, an IT contractor will have an easier time protecting a desktop computer’s hardware from malware and adware.


The price difference between laptops and desktops is not cut and dry. For low-end computers, laptops are going to be less expensive than desktops. However, a powerful desktop computer is going to be cheaper than a laptop of equal strength. If you don’t need much processing power, laptops will be the budget friendly option. If you require advanced technology, desktops are the right choice.


Another factor to consider is the durability. Desktop computers are sturdy and don’t have the same risk of being dropped as laptops do. Laptops are also prone to battery problems and broken power cords. However, when a desktop is damaged, the repairs are going to significantly more expensive than fixing a laptop.

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Sometimes a business wants to project a certain image.  A hip startup company may want to portray themselves as professionals on the go and will buy sleek laptops for employees. On the other hand, a high-tech business may want to show off powerful desktop computers to let everyone know they mean business. The business owner will know what image they want to project and can work with an IT contractor to come up with the best option.

Consult With An IT Contractor

Because there are so many factors to consider, consulting with an IT contractor is the best way to make an informed decision. Bay Computing and Consulting Services offers expert advice from expert technicians. Bay CCS was founded in 2005 with the goals of providing the best service and support for our customers. Our IT consulting goes far beyond picking out a computer and can increase your business’s productivity while providing peace of mind. For a highly qualified IT contractor, contact Bay Computer and Consulting Services.

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