Small Business IT: Upgrade Servers or to the Cloud?

Have you put off upgrading the business servers for too long? Has the performance of the failing server aggravated you and your employees for the last time? Whatever the reason, it is time to find an alternative get the business flow back to smooth operations. With modern technology on the market, your business can look into upgrading to a new server that is capable of running a platitude of devices, or link all of those devices onto a cloud-based platform. This raises the question that has business owners stifled, should I upgrade my servers or go to the cloud? The answer depends on the size of your business; let us explain which option is ideal for your business.

Cloud Based Platforms

The cloud is a popular option for business looking for cheap installation. With less expenses being spent on IT services to install, the business has opened their cash flow flexibility. The money saved by choosing the cloud over the cost of installing the new hardware to upgrade the server, can now be allocated to different business expenses.

With cloud-based platforms, files saved to the cloud are accessible nearly anywhere there is an internet connection. The benefit of this easy accessibility has been a favorite by employees. Documents can be shared between co-workers and on multiple devices. As companies continue to grow, they have the option to grow their cloud storage space as well. The task of generating additional cloud storage is simpler than uninstalling and installing new hard drives for additional storage space.

Wireless networking

The initial cloud set up and installation could not be more beneficial. Aside from the free trial that most cloud systems offer, IT services provide security. It can be discomforting putting sensitive information into a cloud, but security from an IT service will protect classified data for you and your client.

Upgrading the Servers

For companies that have established themselves with their applications on their servers, transferring all the applications to a cloud-based platform could not only be time-consuming but expensive. These applications can take up massive storage space.  The more employees that your business has, the larger cloud-based storage will be needed; the option to purchase a new server may be the more cost efficient for larger businesses.

When upgrading the servers to expedite business flow, the company has not completely shut the door on cloud-based platforms. Any business can use various cloud applications, such as Drop Box. This will allow businesses to choose which files could be stored in the cloud and which should remain stored in the servers.

Which to choose?

How much do you envision your company growing? With the cloud, you pay for storage that you are actually using unlike paying for a server that you may only be using 40% of. The savings achieved with not having to purchase expensive equipment is an extreme benefit for businesses just starting up or beginning to establish themselves. For companies with employees working together from remote locations, the cloud-based platform is the recommended option.

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The decision to upgrade the servers is recommended for larger companies and smaller firms with established servers. The transfer process alone to the cloud is challenging. When it comes down the costs involved, it will be more cost-effective to purchase a new server over the monthly cost of the cloud.

Whether you are opening a new office or looking to overhaul your current technology, IT Consulting Services from BayCCS are here to help guide you through the process. We offer a wide variety of small business services. Feel confident knowing that your infrastructure is reliable and the network is secure whether you choose to upgrade the servers or convert to the cloud. We’ve been serving the Ocean County New Jersey for over 10 years, give us a call today for all computer and consulting services.

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