Why Is My Computer So Slow? Getting Back Up To Speed

Do you remember the first time you booted up your computer? Once you pressed the power button, everything sprang to life and the computer was up and running almost instantly. Now that you have put some miles on your computer, you probably noticed that it isn’t running as smoothly. A slow computer is not only frustrating, but for business owners it costs time and money. Fortunately, you don’t need to get a brand new computer, there are several ways to get back up to speed. Let’s get to the bottom of the question – Why is my computer so slow?

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Unwanted Software

Why is my computer so slow? One of the biggest enemies to computer speed is holding onto things you don’t need. When you first buy a computer, it only has the base operating system and programs installed, so there isn’t much to slow you down. Over time, you download several different programs, which put a strain on your computer. If you look through these applications, you will likely notice that many of them are rarely if ever used. This means you are sitting through long loading times for computer programs you don’t even want. Going through each application and uninstalling useless programs will free up much needed space on your computer and make it run faster.


When files are written onto your hard drive, information is all stored together. Over time, your disk gets full and this information is written in different areas on your drive, making it run slower. This process is called disk fragmentation. By running a disk defragmentation program , these files are moved around and put back into the most efficient structure possible.

Most Windows computers today run defragmentation programs in the background while your computer is idle but that doesn’t mean disk fragmentation does not occur. If your disk is very full, the full defragmentation process may not finish during idle time. This is why it’s important to run defragmentation programs manually every so often. This can go a long way in speeding up your system.

Upgrade Memory

Why is my computer so slow? You may have insufficient memory. Data and programs are partially loaded into a computer’s memory, while the rest remains in a temporary space on the hard disk. The memory card on your system is loaded with the relevant information for a particular program. Upgrading your memory card means you can hold more ‘relevant’ information, requiring less data from the hard disk. This small investment can go a long way in speeding up your computer.

Upgrade Hard Drive

Your computer’s hard drive is where the majority of data is stored. The more data on a given hard drive, the slower it will function. Old hard drives have many moving parts and it takes a lot of energy for your computer to locate and recall information. There are now hard drives called Solid State Drives (SSD) where there are no moving parts and don’t wear down like typical hard drives. This can make your computer run much faster. While it carries a higher price tag that normal drives, a SSD will make up for it in increased efficiency and speed.

AntiVirus Software

Many antivirus programs require a hefty amount of computing power. When trying to speed up a computer, many users notice this and often remove the software in hopes of getting some speed back. This is not recommended. Malware and viruses will soon creep in and slow down your computer to a far greater degree than the antivirus program. As far as speeding up your computer, it can help to update your antivirus software. This ensures that your computer is protected from the most recent viruses.

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Why Is My Computer So Slow?

If you feeling frustrated and wonder why your computer is so slow, it might be time to enlist the services of an experience IT service provider. Unless you are an IT professional, chances are some of these tasks are out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry, Bay Computing & Consulting Services has you covered. We are here to help you with your technology issue when you need us. We will give your home or business computer the full treatment and vastly improve it’s speed. For a blazing fast computer, contact us today.

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